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Is Eco Friendly the New Ecommerce Normal?

Green is the ecommerce trend to watch out for in 2022. For those who work in, and shop on ecommerce, we need to understand why is eco friendly quickly becoming a prerequisite for buyer choices.

Pandemic Effect

The pandemic was quite an eye opener for all of us. Be it with respect to what we took for granted, but also to allow us the foresight into the coming decade. A major buyer mindset impact that 2020 has caused is the obvious choice of reusable products. All those lines at the grocery stores, and lack of products of our choice have helped us accept that we need to reuse and be sustainable in our shopping choices.

AI Effect

When people find the right logic and processes, AI can implement it to the T. The AI effect of a lot of people choosing eco friendly, is that a lot more people are being pushed towards it through algorithms. Be it on mega ecommerce sites, google search results, or even banner ads visible. AI has becoming efficient enough to help us get higher momentum to the eco friendly and environment conscious movement.

Local Seller Effect

Thanks to the pandemic effect and the AI effect, we have now understood the importance of giving local sellers a boost. In countries like India, where the basic manufacturing trend is inherently nature-first, the local seller effect is giving eco friendly choices a further boost. Since most local sellers are registering with different ecommerce sites like, it is getting increasingly easy for them to reach the wide base market.

Equitable Distribution of Profits

Ecommerce businesses ordinarily believe in equitable distribution of profits for thuer eco friendly categories. Few businesses like Sarvadhee have made it an inherent part of their business model. This itself ensures that the overall environmental benefit is maintained and enhanced.

So to answer your question, yes! Eco friendly is the new ecommerce normal, and for very valid reasons. I have changed by shopping choices to be more earth positive. How do you plan on doing so?

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