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5 Ways in Which Eco Friendly Products Help the Environment

“I only shop eco friendly, it is just better for the environment!” We have all heard a lot of people make these statements as a part of their stand. Recently, I was at a family gathering and someone said that eco friendly is just a fad, it will pass.

So many opinions, what do we believe and follow? We believe logic. And as a part of that logical argument I have collated these 5 top ways in which shopping eco friendly is genuinely good for the environment. And in turn, good for us.

1.   Cruelty Free and Recyclable: This is the most important point that I would stress on. We all deserve to live in a world where what we use is not created by committing an act of cruelty against another. “Eco friendly” is a term for products that have been created while ensuring that zero cruelty in the manufacturing process, which keeping it recyclable or reusable to reduce waste.

2.   Reduced Carbon Footprint: I have been reading the term “carbon footprint” since 2 decades. Yes global warming can be significantly impacted by us reducing our carbon footprint. We can implement that by using sustainable, seasonal, and natural products. This ensures that we are reducing synthetic waste and green house gas emissions.

3.   Manifest Time Travel: Okay okay, I am not delving into the realm of science fiction here But humor me for a bit. When we shop eco friendly and ensure protection of the environment we can be the generation that turns back some impact of the damage that we have done to the planet. We can potentially be spoken about in future text books, and have our legacy travel through time!

4.   Reducing Inflation: When we start using locally sources, natural and eco friendly products, we make sure we reuse and safeguard our products. This in turn ensures that the economy’s flow of moneys is happening cyclically. Anyone who understands economics would concur, inflation can best be avoided when there is minimal hoarding and effective usage of all resources.

5.   Healthier Lifestyle for all: We are all a part of the environment that we are trying to safeguard and protect. Eco friendly, sustainable, and earth-positive shopping can ensure that we are using products that are better for us. Be it apparel, kitchenware, décor, or even skin care… the moe eco friendly we keep our usage, the more our future selves will thank us.

Of course we have a vested interest in making sure everyone shops eco friendly. But we are also doing it because brings you a lovely curated range of products that helps you make the decision easier.

What aspect of your life are you going to start with being more earth-positive? And who else will you loop into it today?

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