About Us

The Sarvadhee State of Mind

Sarvadhee… a collective intelligence driven through nature.

We are a platform for those who live an earth-positive life. From sustainable fashion, recyclable products, ayurvedic medicines, woke apparel, and organic groceries, we host it all.

If you are wondering why, we have the answer for you. Nature is a beautiful fabric that binds all living and sentient beings. With an invisible transmission or knowledge and life force, we are all connected. At Sarvadhee we aim to strengthen this connection. Not just because the products we host are amazing and gorgeos (because they are), but also because we recognize our responsibility towards nature.

It is clear and known that most of us want to live as environmentally-positive and eco-friendly as possible. The greatest challenge to committing to it is the implementation. So, if you intend to live right, at Sarvadhee you will find products, solutions, and the right motivation to take you through.

What is Sarvadhee

Sarvadhee was started during the lockdown as a means to ensure that our users get the safest products. With an aim to create a community of users, we began selling under the name of “Prakritik Lifestyles”. In 2022, we decided to take our impact and work to the next level by being more accessible and easier to remember for you.

Sarvadhee has categories like health and wellness, beauty and grooming, clothes, accessories, ayurvedic medicines, water purification, home and kitchen appliances, and everyday-use groceries. Sarvadhee isn’t just a fancy website for the woke and environmentally-conscious… It is a road map to achieving it in everyday life.

Our CEO Raj Agarwal is a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for IT and it’s application services, and is a renowned Art of Living Teacher. As such, it is clear that Sarvadhee believes in the core values of healthy living, and hi-tech functioning.

So, take the first step to create a positive way of life. Check out our many product options, we assure you, we do not believe in confusing you. Feedback, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. Call us on +91 7499914536 or email us on contact@sarvadhee.com