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We know that as product owners you have several options to host and sell your lovely range. We also understand that the business bottom line is the most important aspect in your decision making. As such, you must continue with what you are doing for your reach and sales. However, your sales depends a lot on your brand perception.

When you host your products on Sarvadhee, and align with our sales channels, we assure you that your marketing perception will see a massive improvement. Since we are a very niche driven platform, we have channels that have a positive social impact. This impact will most definitely lend your brand help as well.

Our Promise:

  1. Careful Customer targeting: Our brand building is very particular with regards to whom we reach. Our customer targeting will be around individuals who have eco friendly shopping choices. These individuals have shown a higher propensity to purchase products like yours as a basic lifestyle choice.
  2. Brand Identity: With Sarvadhee, you will get the perfect hosting partner as our aim and principles are quite aligned to the nature and quality of your products. As such, the overall faith and trust proposition for your products goes up considerably.
  3. Sales Channels: Other than the regular branding and marketing methods, we also have an online and offline affiliate program that helps empower people while selling a prakritik way of life. We share some of the margin we get with these affiliates in order to create a wholesome community of customers and sellers.

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Become A Supplier

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