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Top 6 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Brands That Are The Gamechangers For The Future

As we all feel the impact more and more acutely of the negative effects of unenlightened consumption, companies are stepping up their game with eco-conscious practices to give back to the communities they serve. With sustainability becoming more and more important many lifestyle brands are taking responsibility seriously. Here are 6 of the best homegrown eco-friendly brands that we should include in our lifestyle –

6th – Husk Panda

Husk Panda is a sustainable brand that creates trendy and durable bamboo-made kitchenware.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Every Husk Panda product is composed of these three fundamental components.

The items are created and curated with user-friendliness in mind, so making the conversion from conventional to sustainable doesn’t get difficult for anyone.


These are the core values of Husk Panda.

You can always find something you love and feel good about owning a sustainable product because they are committed to bringing you the finest values in home goods.

Check out their products here –

5th – Thenga

Thenga is a company from Kerala that transforms waste coconut into long-lasting, eco-friendly, and handcrafted household goods like diyas, wallhangings, cutlery, etc. 

Maria Kuriakose founded Thenga in 2019, and it is a well-known brand that is sold in stores across India. Maria, a native of Kerala, has always believed that coconuts contain more than just water and coconut oil.

It all started when she naturally began examining the byproducts of coconut processing facilities.

Maria and Thenga have come a long way from creating their first coconut shell bowl to selling worldwide. 

Thenga is intended for the earth-conscious consumer. Each item reveals the hands that created it.Thenga goods are entirely natural, safe, and sustainable. They are cut and polished to show the gritty detail in the shell.

Because they are robust and naturally resistant, coconut shells are the ideal replacement for plastic products as they last for years.

Check out Thenga products here –

4th – reCharkha

When you want to make your mark in style, grab the upcycled handwoven accessories from ReCharkha. 

ReCharkha upcycles plastics, polyethene bags, multilayered gift wrappers, multilayered biscuit and cookie wrappers, old cassette tapes, and a tonne of other household packaging materials like cereal, flour, and detergent packets to make a variety of daily accessories like handbags, wallets, diary covers, and much more!

The current focus of ReCharkha is on finding solutions to the problem of waste management, particularly that of non-biodegradable and challenging-to-recycle waste plastic. Additionally, our effort hires Tribal Women and Youth to provide them with chances for a craft-based life.

To make the process of UPCYCLING waste plastic into the lovely handcrafted cloth completely manual, they use the Indian traditional CHARKHA and HANDLOOM. Consumer goods like purses, fashion accessories, office supplies, and items for home décor are all made with prepared fabric.

Find their collection here –

3rd – ClanEarth

The goal of Clan Earth as an Earth-First business is to create sustainable products and inspire and enlighten everyone to consider the natural world when doing any activity.

One of the oldest reforestation groups in the world partners with Clan Earth to plant 5 trees for every bag you purchase. They offer top-notch goods that not only meet client needs but also protect the environment and strengthen communities.

Their handbags are made for the multi-role modern Indian. We create and style with you in mind, no matter what role you play—professional, traveler, gym goer, party animal, or art enthusiast.

Check out their products here –

2nd – I Am So Wasted

I Am So Wasted is a Global Recycled Standard certified apparel and accessory brand that collects clothing and textiles for ethical recycling and upcycling. These recycled and upcycled textiles are then turned into an array of lifestyle products. 

Their product range includes bags, apparel, home decor, gadget covers, etc. 

I Am So Wasted apparel is made with a blend of recycled polyester, PET bottles and pre-consumer textiles. Recycling and upcycling them saves tons of non-compostable trash from ending up in landfills.  

Check out their products here –

1st – SaralSutra

Saral means simple, while Sutra speaks of the philosophy of Saral Sutra as a whole. Keeping things simple, pure, and still useful. They believe that fashion should be wearable, timeless, and, most importantly, never come at the expense of the environment and the planet’s rapidly decreasing resources. The traditional industrial style of producing things would just not cut it if you wanted to be ecologically mindful and sustainable. Saral Sutra began looking for alternatives and discovered hemp, a wonder crop that has been grown by mankind for thousands of years due to its many advantages.

Hemp’s exceptional tensile strength, softness, and anti-microbial qualities clearly established its value. To become further sustainable, plastic chains were replaced with coconut shell buttons. Azo-free and natural dyes were used in place of toxic colors. 

To save money on inventory and cut down on waste every item of clothing is made on order. 

Check out their products here –


By choosing to purchase from brands that are in it for the long haul, we can all make an impact on ourselves and our world. By bringing these products into the mainstream, we offer the next-generation options they will hopefully consider as they grow up. Not everything needs to be single-use; we have a choice in what we consume, and this is a tangible step any of us can take.

Get inspired by these sustainable brands, and take the necessary steps to be the change you want to see not only in your immediate surroundings but in your lifestyle, too.

Switch to sustainable brands and enhance your lifestyle. 

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