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Best Baby Shower Gift for New Mothers

Motherhood is a gift that lives forever. As the journey begins, equip yourself with the best products to make sure that this delicate time is best handled. This earth-positive Matrutva Combo is a collection of all those elements that would help healthy development of the child, and effective recuperation for the mother.. with the trusty promise of the SriSri Tattva brand!

List of products included

Ayukanti Lehyam (for child 1-5 years): It is an age old, classical Ayurvedic formulation administered to children to help improve Memory, Brain functions, Immunity & complexion. It is made up of Rasayana herbs in Ayurveda which helps as rejuvenator & promotes longevity.

Shishu Taila 100ml (for child): Massaging a child is a great way to help the child’s growth, soothe growth pains, and create a healthy bonding. Made with a combination of age-old ayurvedic herbs, this oil helps physical development of the child from day 1.

Tulsi Arka 30ml (for mother and child 1 year onwards): Tulsi is a native indian ayurvedic herb to help boost immunity and help growth and recuperation.

Moringa Powder 100gms (for mother):  Moringa powder has always been a part of ayurvedic combinations, and is getting a lot of attention from western medicines now. Moringa is great to get rid of skin pigmentation, and assist hair regrowth.

Mamatva Granules 250gms (for mother): This Shatavari, Vidari Kanda, Gairika, Shankha Bhasma, and cocoa combination is the best assist for healthy lactation for new mothers. Don’t let the stress get to you!

Body Oil 200ml (for mother): Post Partum dryness is a normal condition for most mothers. This natural body oil is a great way to rehydrate the skin, reduce signs of ageing, and reduce stress. Best when massaged for 40 minutes, this body oil is what every new mother needs.

Shakti Drops 10ml (for mother): Post partum mothers often see a dip in their immunity levels. Not only are they prone to viral infections, they often can’t take heavy medication when breast feeding. Shakti Drops are absolutely safe for breast-feeding mothers who are looking at boosting their immunity so that they can continue caring for their child, free of infections!

Amla Candy 400gms (for mother): A bad taste in the mouth, and random need to keep munching is an every day issue for a typical post partum mother. Amla candies are a great natural and healthy solution to this problem. They also digestion and improve hemoglobin, both of which any new mother always needs.

So if you are looking at keeping yourself well equipped, or looking at giving the best gift to a loved one on their motherhood, look no further! The Matrutva Combo is the way to go!

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